Blog Post #10

Professionals in my field may write a resume to apply for a job they are seeking. This is obviously standard procedure for any place of employment today. Because of this class, I now know how to properly format a resumé to stand out to employers. This is one benefit to the work we have done throughout the semester. Another useful writing lesson I was taught was how to write a cover letter. This goes along with a resume most of the time you are applying to a place of employment. Although not every place will need a cover letter, it helps you stand out in a sea of potential applicants. I can, and will employ these skills when I am seeking an internship for the summer.


Blog Post #9

       The purpose of a two-component report is to structure a solution to an organizational problem. This could be a low-level problem, or a terribly harmful problem that has to do with the structure of the organization. Basically, a two component is split between a front matter and a discussion section. A front matter is encapsulated by an executive summary and a title page. The Executive Summary must include a statement of the problem, a statement of research methods, and your major conclusions and/or recommendations. The title page is self-explanatory.

       There is also the discussion section. The Discussion section must be a well-organized presentation and interpretation of information in support of the conclusions and recommendations put forth in the first half of the report. The major conclusion of the discussion section will report on the organization of your paper. The typical format goes something like this: intro, evaluation, alternatives, methods, conclusion, and recommendations. This gives the reader a solidified view of all the material that was covered. Another big aspect of this section is that it lays out the problem and solution to each step.

Blog Post #8

The purpose of a progress report is to provide a recap to all the work you have done on a project. It is for the benefit of you, and the person you are sending it to. You get to look back at what you’ve done so far, and what you can improve. You can analyze your progress from a vantage point you may not have considered when deep in work on it. Obviously, there is also the benefit that the person you are writing the progress report for gets to see your mind in action and how you perceive the work you have done so far.

One element that contributes to these goals is a list. A list is able to concisely show the reader a series of actions that were taken to achieve completion of the task. This also makes a progress report easy to read. But lists only provide certain info, sometimes other means are necessary.

Another thing that enhances a progress report is visuals. Visuals and images are paramount to a progress report because they allow for easier ways to view “progress” hence the name. For example, if I were talking about how I was only done with half of one section, and three fourths of another section, I could make a graph of this to visualize it. That way the professor has a clear picture of what progress I am making.


3 Possible Report Ideas

Below are three possible ideas for a two-component report I am creating for this class.

  1. Proposal about the math general ed requirement. As you may know, Wayne State has dropped math classes as a general education requirement. I propose that this is a bad idea and should be revoked. Math classes are an essential part of a curriculum because they teach students valuable skills about how to problem solve and use logic. Not only this, but they provide a rigorous challenge to the student that challenges their mind to make it sharper. I would write about how we would change this, in a two-component proposal report.
  2. In my workplace, I think that making the employees able to work location-independently would be a valuable change to the climate of the job. In certain companies that produce things purely on the internet, this has been successfully implemented. I think that because I work somewhere that makes website, and doesn’t produce anything physically, it can be done. I would write a two-component proposal report on how we can implement this like other companies before us have.
  3. I have a proposal for a club at Wayne State that specializes in Entrepreneurship. Considering the rise of tech start ups and small businesses around Detroit, I think this would be very valuable. We need people to be financially empowered to create things on their own. Many young people are using the internet to bring their ideas to life, and it is easier than ever. I would propose how we can make this club a reality and the benefits of it within a two-component proposal report.

Blog Post #5: Effect of wikiHow on writing process/product

The biggest thing that you notice when you write for WikiHow is that there is a large content management system format available to you, and every instruction set has the same basic design. While this may hold true, there is also a range of different tools to personalize your instruction set. You can choose from a variety of different tools they have available to fill out information about your instruction set. But all of these tools are in-house and follow the same format. You cannot design your own “Tips” category. Everyone has access to the same building block. But you design your blocks in a different manner individually. This is what they call a content management system for all intents and purposes. If you want to learn more about content management systems, there is a WikiHow article on that!

User Test

Scope:  I am testing a WikiHow page. It is a single page web document with instructions on how to complete a task.
Purpose:  My purpose for this document is to be as clear and concise as possible. I want to contain a lot of valuable info in as little words as possible to get my message across. I also need to make sure that the instructions are clear. For the page to be successful I have to have everything be layed out in a way that is detailed and helpful, but also user-friendly.
Schedule & Location:  The user will navigate to my site, and be given 10 minutes to complete the task. This will give me a good estimate of how easy everything is to use and how clear cut the instructions are. Any pain points of the instructions will be visible if they cannot complete the task in this amount of time.
Equipment:  For this test I will be using a smartphone and a laptop to test the webpage. Both of these formats will be available on the internet.
Participants:  The participants of this experiment will be members of the Wayne State school of Engineering. They should be well versed in technology and savvy enough to handle a task like this.
Metrics:  The metrics I will be using is a basic schema of how they interacted with the instructions and if they completed the task or not. If they did not complete the task, I will identify where they got tripped up.

WikiHow Topic

I want to publish a WikiHow article on how to do something technical. The topic that I want to write a WikiHow article about is how to comment on a MatLab program. Matlab is a program used by engineers and scientists that helps you solve problems that primarily deal with numbers. I searched for other articles that dealt with this topic, and came up with nothing. I searched for “Matlab” on the WikiHow article directory and I didn’t see any articles that told you how to write comments on Matlab code.

This is a poignant topic because I am actually using this program right now in my CSC 1500 class. We are utilizing the program to write code and it would be helpful to share what I have learned about it inside this WikiHow article.