User Test

Scope:  I am testing a WikiHow page. It is a single page web document with instructions on how to complete a task.
Purpose:  My purpose for this document is to be as clear and concise as possible. I want to contain a lot of valuable info in as little words as possible to get my message across. I also need to make sure that the instructions are clear. For the page to be successful I have to have everything be layed out in a way that is detailed and helpful, but also user-friendly.
Schedule & Location:  The user will navigate to my site, and be given 10 minutes to complete the task. This will give me a good estimate of how easy everything is to use and how clear cut the instructions are. Any pain points of the instructions will be visible if they cannot complete the task in this amount of time.
Equipment:  For this test I will be using a smartphone and a laptop to test the webpage. Both of these formats will be available on the internet.
Participants:  The participants of this experiment will be members of the Wayne State school of Engineering. They should be well versed in technology and savvy enough to handle a task like this.
Metrics:  The metrics I will be using is a basic schema of how they interacted with the instructions and if they completed the task or not. If they did not complete the task, I will identify where they got tripped up.


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