Blog Post #9

       The purpose of a two-component report is to structure a solution to an organizational problem. This could be a low-level problem, or a terribly harmful problem that has to do with the structure of the organization. Basically, a two component is split between a front matter and a discussion section. A front matter is encapsulated by an executive summary and a title page. The Executive Summary must include a statement of the problem, a statement of research methods, and your major conclusions and/or recommendations. The title page is self-explanatory.

       There is also the discussion section. The Discussion section must be a well-organized presentation and interpretation of information in support of the conclusions and recommendations put forth in the first half of the report. The major conclusion of the discussion section will report on the organization of your paper. The typical format goes something like this: intro, evaluation, alternatives, methods, conclusion, and recommendations. This gives the reader a solidified view of all the material that was covered. Another big aspect of this section is that it lays out the problem and solution to each step.


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